Physiotherapy for Shoulder Pain in South Delhi

Do you have shoulder pain? Don’t worry Raavi Gaur gives you best advice & treatment for shoulder pain. We assist underlying cause of shoulder pain and treat it well. Any kind of injury, arthritis, frozen shoulder, strain/sprain, dislocation of shoulder can cause the shoulder pain.

Physiotherapy for many common conditions of shoulder pain

Physiotherapy for Impingement Shoulder

Repetitive movement of shoulder joint can cause impingement of shoulder joint. Shoulder impingement respond well with physiotherapy. We rebuild your muscle strength and range of motion which help you recover faster.

Physiotherapy for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is one of the common cause of shoulder pain. If you are searching for physiotherapy for frozen shoulder then Raavi Gaur clinic best for problem. We are taking care of many patients who are suffering from frozen shoulder.

Shoulder Pain